Do You Work / Offer services On a Sunday?

I don’t work or offer services on a Sunday! That’s my 1 day off & personal day a week! 

Do You Cover Woolacombe / Morte Hoe?

I don’t cover or provide my services in the area of Woolacombe or Morte Hoe! Due to the distance and travel side of things!

Can / Do You Take Pictures Of Pets?

Yes I can and do take pictures, which I send to the clients / pet owners, so they can see updates of their pets from their time with me! And I also use the pictures on my business social media’s  / website if permission is given! 

Are You Insured?

Yes I am insured! I have pet business insurance with a company called Protectivity!

Do you offer in home Day Care?

No I don’t currently offer day care in my own home, due to having my own dog (rescue). And day care in my own home would come with extra potential risks, info, outgoings/expenditure etc

How Do I Pay? Cash Or Bank Transfer?

I try to be quite flexible and considerate about payment methods. You can in Cash, Through PayPal or via Bank Transfer

Do You Stay In Our Home? (Pet Sitting)

Pet Sitting is offered, provided and completed in the clients home or place of stay. I don’t take in clients pets at my own home. It’s nice for pets to have home comforts, familiar items and smells around, to help them be comfortable and settled.

Do You Offer Military Discount?

I have considered offering military discount! But I do not currently offer military discount!

When Did You Start Your Services?

I started dog walking / pet sitting in 2018 as an extra hobby & side income. In 2020 I became more professional with my business and decided to go full time with it and offer more. 

How many dogs can you walk at once?

I can walk up to 6 dogs at once. All from the same home or all separate dogs - solo walks or group walks. My insurance covers me up to 6 dogs at once